National Organic Agriculture Business Summit (NOABS) 2020

November 3 – 5, 2020. Banquet Hall, Solab Hotels and Suites, 1, Owodunni/Amore Junction, off Toyin street, Ikeja Lagos. Download Event brochure here

Harnessing the Potentials of Organic Agriculture for National Development

  • Organic agriculture is becoming more popular all over the world. (almost $ 100 billion globally)
  • African Heads of States and Governments on organic farming [EX.CL/Dec.621(XVII)]
  • Nigeria is currently among the least organized countries in organic agriculture sector
  • The need to improve local development for export business in organic agriculture
  • Capacity building of practitioners of strategic stakeholders in the organic agricultural sector of Nigeria is needed to contribute to food security, income generation, employment, systems resilience, among others.

Objectives of NOABS,

Evolved by Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) partners:

  • To ensure wide spread of benefits of organic agriculture to all stakeholders of organic agriculture sector in the country.
  • To catalyse development of organic agriculture business in Nigeria.
  • Provision of a national platform for organic agriculture stakeholders in the country.
  • Sustaining the drive for sustainable organic agriculture development in the country.

Features of NOABS

  • Plenary presentations: by seasoned presenters on cross cutting issues of organic agriculture.
  • Business fora: networks, projects and organizations tapping opportunities for developing business network.
  • Exhibitions: showcasing and trading organic agriculture produce, products and services.
  • Business Cocktail; opportunity for host State to seek collaboration or attract investors for developing organic agriculture potentials of the State

Award Presentations

Award presentations: recognition of positive impact of at least five distinguished people/ organizations in organic agriculture business value chain (production, financial institution, advocacy/media, development and governmental) in developing organic agriculture sector of Nigeria.


—2016 – Abuja

—2017- Anambra State

—2018 – Lagos

—2019 – Kano State

—2020 – Akwa Ibom State

The focus of 2020 NOABS and Why?

Focus: the  need to  develop organic agriculture export potentials of Nigeria

Theme: “Harnessing the Potentials of Organic Agriculture for National     Development”

— Date: November 3-5, 2020

— Venue: Tahir Guest Palace, 4 Natsugune Road, Kano, Nigeria.

— Expected number of participants: 300 – 350

Outlook of Participants of the Summit

  • Research and higher educational institutions,
  • Hotels and supermarket operators,
  • Organic certification bodies,
  • Producers, consumers and business moguls in different aspects of the agricultural sectors,
  • investors in input supply, production, processing, packaging and environment,
  • Media practitioners,
  • Government organizations related to agriculture, education, trade, health and environment,
  • Civil rights Organizations,
  • Policymakers,
  • Other interested stakeholders, etc.

Payable Fees

  • General participation – N20,000/ participants; covering registration materials, one tea break and lunch per day and access to unrestricted business fora.
  • Business for a – N200,000; platforms for organizations/ investors for advocacy or business discussions
  • Exhibitions – N50,000 and N70,000/ exhibitor for big or small stand respectively; strictly for organic produce, products and services.

Core Partners of NOABS – EOA Partners

  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development -Chair
  • Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria – Country lead Organization of EOA
  • University of Ibadan Organic Agric. Research Team -Member
  • Healthy Food for Consumers Initiative (Hefci) -Member
  • Federation of Agricultural Commodities in Nigeria (FACAN) -Member
  • Kwara State University Organic Agric. Research Team-Member
  • Nnamdi Azikwe University Organic Agric. Research Team, Awka – Member
  • Justice Development Peace Commission (JDPC), Uyo -Member
  • Ikot Ekpene Women Food /Cash Crops Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Akwa Ibom – Member
  • Farmers’ Development Union (FADU) -Member
  • An organization to anchor Pillar 3(Marketing and Value Addition in Northern Nigeria) – Member

Supported Partners

  • Washington State University
  • Bank of Agriculture (BOA)
  • Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC)
  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

Expected footprints of 2019 NOABS

  • Mapping organic agriculture export potentials of the country.
  • Increase in organic agriculture production / business in Nigeria
  • Increase in Third Party Certification activities in the country
  • Initiation of a formidable State Chapter of organic agriculture practitioners in Kano State, to sustain the impact of NOABS 2019 in the State and network with other organic agriculture practitioners in the country.

Flashback - Awka 2017

check our NOABS Awka 2017 photos

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Network with

Organic Agriculture Practitioners – from CEOs, MDs to Consultants, Advisors, Organic Certification bodies, Research and higher educational institutions, investors in agricultural inputs supply, production, processing, packaging and environment, media practitioners, tourism practitioners, government organizations related to agriculture, education, trade, health and environment, banks, civil rights organizations, policy makers, Scientific Officers, R&D Dept Heads to Sustainability Directors.


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  • Solab Hotels and Suites, Owodunni Street, Ikeja, Lagos
  • (234) 7057457676
  • 7:30 - 18:00

Solab Hotels and Suites, Owodunni Street, Ikeja, Lagos