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Welcome to the 2021 Summit

The 2021 National Organic Agriculture Business Summit will take place at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Headquarter, Abuja, Nigeria, between Nov. 2 – 4, 2021. This is the sixth of its kind among Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) stakeholders in Nigeria.


Programme Outlook

June 1-Aug. 31

Call for Awards

October 1-22

Voting for awardees

November 3 & 4

Presentations, Exhibition and business fora

November 4

Exhibition and National Platform meeting of Ecological Organic Agriculture Stakeholders

Awards: Categories of Awards of the year

Organic Farmer

Advocacy/Media Practitioner


Financial Institution

State Government

General Participation


Physical- ₦35,000/participant, covering registration materials, one tea break, lunch per day, and unrestricted participation at the business fora.


Digital participation National- ₦10,000/participant

Business fora

Business fora – ₦200,000/partform for organizations/investors for advocacy or business discussions.

Physical Exhibition

A booth and conference registration of one person

Exhibition Category A

For produce/products and services
1-2mins video advert or display on the website – N50,000

Exhibition Category B


For produce/products and services.
3-5mins video advert or display on the website – N70,000

Exhibition - Special offer


For produce/products and services. 3-5 min video plus publication in Organiculture ( a national organic agriculture business journal)

Who can attend?

Producers, consumers and business mogul in different aspects of the Agriculture sector. Government organizations related to Agriculture, education, trade, health, and environment

Hotels and supermarket operators

Organic certificate bodies

Research and higher educational institutions

Investors in input supply, production, processing, packaging and environment

Media practitioners

Banks and Civil rights organizations

Notable Policy markers

other interested stakeholders etc.