National Organic Agriculture Business Summit

July 10 – 11, 2018. Banquet Hall, Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. Download Event brochure here

Organic Agriculture: Abundant Opportunities for Health and Hospitality Businesses

The 2018 National Organic Agriculture Business Summit will take place in Lagos State, between July 10th-13, 2018. This is the third of its kind among stakeholders of organic agriculture value chain in Nigeria.

The National Organic Agriculture Business Summit NAOBS) aims at addressing the following:

  • Explore opportunities of the Ecological Organic agriculture Initiative in the context of the Decision of the African Heads of states and Governments on organic farming [EX.CL/Dec. 621(XVII)].
  • Exhibition of organic produce and products to stimulate domestic and export trade.
  • Capacity building for strategic stakeholders in the organic agricultural sector of Nigeria, to contribute to food security, income generation, employment, systems resilience, among others.
  • Improve local and export business activities in the organic sector.

Programme Outlook:

  • July 10: Arrival of delegates and Pre-summit meetings
  • July 11 & 12: Presentations, exhibitions and business fora.
  • July 13: National Stakeholders’ meeting of Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative (EOA Initiative)

Flashback - Awka 2017

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Network with

Organic Agriculture Practitioners – from CEOs, MDs to Consultants, Advisors, Organic Certification bodies, Research and higher educational institutions, investors in agricultural inputs supply, production, processing, packaging and environment, media practitioners, tourism practitioners, government organizations related to agriculture, education, trade, health and environment, banks, civil rights organizations, policy makers, Scientific Officers, R&D Dept Heads to Sustainability Directors.


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  • Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos
  • (234) 7057457676
  • 7:30 - 18:00