National Organic Agriculture Business Summit

July 10 – 11, 2018. Banquet Hall, Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Ibadan Go Organic


Ibadan Go Organic Multipurpose Co-operative Society.

     The need for Organic Agribusiness in Ibadan necessitated the conception of Ibadan Go Organic Multi-purpose Co-operative Society   situated in Samonda, Ibadan. The flag off of the outlet was held on the 2nd of March, 2018 with  Executive Members of the society amongj whom were Dr AdeOluwa, the President, Alhaji Oladapo, Vice President, Mr. Taiwo Oduola , the Fin. Sec., Mrs. Oyetoun Alonge, the Treasurer, Chief M.O Salimonu, Organic farmers, intending buyers and those who wish to convert to Organic Agriculture practices.

     Dr Adeoluwa pointed out that the concept of Organic farmers’ market dated back to 6 years ago and that the essence is for people to consume healthy products within reach, and to provide market for Organic farmers . The concept revolves around the farmers, investors, consumers and the environment a sustainable agriculture practices void of hazards. He added that Ibadan Go Organic Multipurpose Co-operate Society is a collectively beneficial venture.

     He said that part of the aim is to create awareness on the consumption of organic products in Ibadan and it’s environ. He also appreciated EOA for the support rendered in the success of the project. He added that the strength of the distribution of Ibadan Go Organic is home and office delivery, and that Ibadan Go organic is working with a number of farmers’ group. It is not secluded to Ibadan alone but goes beyond, he also added that Ibadan Go organic is looking to Satellite outlets to spread the tentacles of Organic farmers’ market.

Dr Adeoluwa pointed out that the outlet is open, in addition to organic farm produce, to other organic products ranging from organic clothes to organic cosmetics. On issue of price of commodities to be sold at the outlet, he stated that the outlet will be open to all consumers but price concession will be given to members. Transaction kicked off and different products were sold to different  buyers.

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