Constantin V. Naryzhnyi

Nanoagricole Founder, Director General

He has extensive experience in international fertilizer business. Nanoagricole ltd, Nanomix Group – one of the leading  producer of Organic fertilizer/microfertilizers with Biostimulant in Ukraine.  Products of company reached awards of “Best National Product in Category” in 2013, 2014,2015,2017.

Since 2013 Constantin has been involved in trading activities which includes transformation of farming approaches in Africa, Nigeria in particular. During the last year , he made several visits to more than 15 states of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and Chad.

Constantin is also member of the board of Global Services Ltd, a Nigerian trading company.

Constantin is a frequent speaker at many conferences and seminars about Organic and Ecological Agriculture in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

He lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine with  Lagos, Nigeria is second home.

Education & Credentials

Main University: Kharkiv Ukraine,

MBA: KMBS, Kyiv, Ukraine