National Organic Agriculture Business Summit

October 2 – 4, 2019. Tahir Guest Palace, 4 Natsugune Road, Kano, Nigeria

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Network with Desired target clients to reap business opportunities. Our carefully researched conferences attract high quality participants all over the world including key government officials, senior-level executives and decision-makers from joint-venture and local companies as well as major MNCs.

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Sponsorship will enable you to raise the profile of your company locally, regionally and internationally. Through sponsorship, you can position yourself as the market leader in the industry!



You will increase awareness of your company’s products and services among key industry players and prospective clients.

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Organic Agriculture Practitioners – from CEOs, MDs to Consultants, Advisors, Organic Certification bodies, Research and higher educational institutions, investors in agricultural inputs supply, production, processing, packaging and environment, media practitioners, tourism practitioners, government organizations related to agriculture, education, trade, health and environment, banks, civil rights organizations, policy makers, Scientific Officers, R&D Dept Heads to Sustainability Directors.


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